• Máy Điêu Khắc Gỗ ZKM-1325B
  • Máy Điêu Khắc Gỗ ZKM-1325B

Máy Điêu Khắc Gỗ ZKM-1325B

Giá bán: 140.000.000đ

Giá chưa bao gồm VAT 10%

Bảo hành 1 năm, riêng spindle bảo hành 6 tháng

Mach3 Woodworking Furniture Cutting CNC Router with Wireles Handwheel Auto Oiling System Dust Collector ZKM-1325A 1300*2500mm
1300*2500mm wood cnc router 5.5kw spindle ER25 Mach3 with USB Vacuum system 5.5kw dust collector 3.0kw Handwheel remote

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Đổi hàng 07 ngày miễn phí

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Máy Điêu Khắc Gỗ ZKM-1325B

Ứng dụng

Applicable industry


Wood processing, antique furniture, furniture, speakers, games, crafts, wood tray, screen, relief murals and other

deep-relief, hard wood, MDF, particle board engraving, milling and cutting.
As only as adding the stainless steel water slot cooling system, it can also for the metal/stone/glass processing

Đặc điểm Máy Điêu Khắc Gỗ ZKM-1325B

1. The machine body structure adopt high quality steel pipe welding, with geometry frame structure, strong bearing

strength, processing jitter low.

2. Machine 3 axis adopt Taiwan linear square guide rail, diameter 25mm  double class four row ball slider, operating smoothly, high accuracy, durable.
3. XY axis adopt super-modulus gear pinion with high speed and accuracy. At the same time, Z axis use imported ball screw, high precision,lower knives accurately
4. 5.5kw water cooling spindle, ER25 collets, more powerful, godod performance , strong and free maintenance, continuous working,
5. Wirless handwheel, for the remote controling: spindle on/off, moving XYZ-axis…

6. Vacuum system with 5.5kw vacuum pump, better for the different size materials sucking, improving the precision
7. Tshape dragon gate makes 3 axis working stable, high speed and accuracy. Dragon gate moving, customer canwork on any area of the material.
8. Mach3 control system, with USB port, supporting XYZA-axis moving together , high stability, high efficiency, easy to learn.
9.Dust collecot, helping to suck the dust, milling dust, keeping the machine clearning.

10. Continuing working after the break point/power failure, lower the rejection rate.

11. Good software compatibility, can compatible with the Artcam/Type3/Ucancam/JDPaint such CAD/CAM software, 2D/3D processing, more convenient to using.

Thông số Máy Điêu Khắc Gỗ ZKM-1325B

Effective working area 1300(X)mm*2500(Y)mm*200(Z)mm
Max.thickness of the materials ≤200mm(the distance between Z-axis and the bottom of the working station)
Materials Steel pipe welded machine holder bed, cast iron gantry
Working table Aircraft aluminium T slot
Guide rail Linear square guide rail ( Hiwin, Taiwan, diameter 25mm)
Transmission Rack &pinion for X Y -axis, ball screw(TBI) for Z-axis
Driving mode Stepper motor ( XY Z-axis: 86BYGH450B, 5.5N.M)
Spindle motor 5.5 kw water cooling
Spindle collet type ER 25
Cutters diameter 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.7mm
Voltage AC 220V+10%, 50/60Hz ,single phase or

AC 380V+10%, 50/60Hz , three phases

Spindle speed 0-24000rpm/min
Empty traveling speed 0-25000mm/min
Engraving speed 0-12000mm/min
Machine accuracy 0.03mm
Diagonal error 0.3mm
Resetting accuracy 0.03mm
Control system Mach3 control system( with USB port, for desktop/laptop computer, windows XP/, 3axis)
Motor wire High soft specially for Numerical Control( 4*0.75)
Spindle wire Shielding high soft (3*1.5)
Suitable software Artcam, Type3, Ucancam V9,etc
Software when delivery Artcam
Carving Instructions G code *Uoo *mmg *plt HPGL
Running environment temperature 0-45 ℃
Relative humidity 30%-75%
Auto tool calibration For Z-axis
Tools 15 pieces
Accessories Water pump(1), tools(15), power line, USB line, fixtures(6), user manual, software CDs, Mach3 card(1), collets(4), spanners(2), brush(1), water tank(1), etc.